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All about the NCA and its program

asnlogoNCA is the biggest and the unique cheerleading corporation. With a devotion to novelty and an obsession for management, NCA has smooth the path for current day cheerleading. The inventor of numerous cheerleading “firsts” Lawrence Herkimer is the pioneer of the most impressive cheerleading business in the world. If you didn’t get, the NCA stands for The National Cheerleaders Association. NCA is pompous to have trained many generations and generations of cheerleaders and professional dancers around the globe. They are going forward every year with new found passion and devotion for the squads and coaches. Their obligation to the growth of this company is strong, but what strong is also a support of physical school teams, chase for skills brilliance and security, and the always significant cooperation. These basic values are the basics necessity for every young athlete to take action with honesty, motivate brilliance in others, and turn out to be the best of tomorrow.

513d43f6250974babe2cb20890a52a58NCA seek to inspire youthful principles and behavior that will allow young people to battle, tolerate, and turn out to be victorious in life: training, devotion, persistence, insistence, self-sacrifice, teamwork, and guidance are some of the attributes that NCA likes to give to the young people. These are the principles that kids will need to steer through the hard transitions of life: from youngster to teenager to young adult to mother to senior resident. These are the principles they will protect in their marriages, their families, and their workplaces. And these are the principles that NCA wish to inspire in young citizens from beginning to end with their contribution in cheerleading.

There are many programs in NCA cheering company. Here are some of them.

Junior High Program

Now present for every one occupant of camps. Intended for purposely for young cheerleaders from Middle Schools and Junior High and are normally in combination with a typical Resident Camp. Each stage of the program is obtainable to gather the needs of all squads in an age-appropriate instruction atmosphere.

Mascot Program

TC_Cheer_Camp_lrIntended by the country’s finest mascots, this course will assist your mascot to get to the new heights. Squads with mascots are confident to be present at Camps that present the Mascot curriculum so both can effort jointly to get better in harmony and school strength. Mascot lessons are held all through the day to advance particular aspects of mascots and evaluations are apprehended in the nightfall with the squad.

Non-Building Program

smu-cheerleaders-nca-champions-2016Everyone camp type gives a Non-Building curriculum which people attend during any stunt, pyramid, or basket lesson. These sessions propose options for squads such as going at more area of expertise classes, leap lessons, or game-day classes. The non-building program is obtainable at all NCA Cheer Camps.

Performance Program

Performance program solely focuses on the presentation characteristic of cheerleading. Teams have amusing choreographing individual practice to the Jam, which is a restricted music track on the NCA Summer Camp disc, then performing it for assessment. Squads will also take pleasure in NCA’s creative Cheer and Chant program trained at these camps. All presentation camps present beginner, medium, advanced, and the best program.

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NCA cheer camp program

239If you want to visit NCA cheering camp and you concern about don’t knowing the program, look no further. NCA cheering Camp program is based on the nucleus of the philosophy that guarantees cheerleaders to study the appropriate security method and expand a strong groundwork. You can find here great programs that are being learned at NCA camps. It’s perfect for everyone.

Security primary

NCA sets the limits for safety with specific security curriculum that gives hands-on training for the whole equip. Teams study appropriate security ways to make sure that practice is safe, and that will boost their routine all year long. NCA cheer Staff conducts ability checks to try out squad members to the stunt class that is good for them. Stunts are trained in series and drills that are underlined to make certain appropriate method. Squads even participate in a Safety Awareness Test to strengthen the significance of security and new policy.

Stunts & Pyramids

me-and-amy-awesomeNCA Cheer Stunt and Pyramid curriculum are prepared by talent level, assuring your squad that will receive the notice and teaching they justify. In stunt classes, squads can decide whether to focus on Game Day Stunts or learn new routine transitions. In our class that everyone like Pyramid Classes squads will study the basic motionless structures and then put in on flipping, twisting and image transitions. This routine is great for tournaments or performances on the sidelines.  NCA cheer will improve your athletes’ method, which will assure secure stunting for the entire year.

Jumps and dances

In NCA camp, you will learn all kinds of fun jumps. NCA gives two specific Jump Classes giving modified teaching and drills to create a method for regular, intermediate, and advanced jumping. Training of jumps are a fun way to progress in your cheerleading skills, and you will make the most of the fun by doing these jumps. During this program, you will also learn about dances. Dances are still much loved at NCA. Begin with the always unforgettable Spirit Dance and then choose additional dances in our Specialty Classes. Teams that are present at the camp will get a Program DVD that has all of the NCA Dances. As we mentioned, dances are what people enjoy the most while hanging in the camp, because it encourage ways of fun, increase of training and many other things.

Custom Coaching and basket builders

B9315530469Z.1_20141224204410_000_GU99EU734.1-0We give you an opportunity to meet your new best friend. To can sit every day, one on one, with your NCA Buddy that can assist you with whatsoever you decide…assessment material, stunts, dances, cheers… It’s your decision and chooses wisely. W are kidding, you can do whatever you want at this time. We could say that this represents your time. There is also a basket toss in this program, which is fun training that everyone loves. If you are scared of being hit in the head by basket ball, don’t worry. As safety as number one concern, everything is secure, and the only goal of this practice is fun. Fling the ideal basket throw and make your mass pleasant tosses.



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What is NCA all about?

The NCA Cheers or the National Cheerleader Association is the biggest cheerleading organization that focuses on following sports events in schools and universities, and participating in the moral boosting process by cheerleading. It was founded in late 1948 by Lawrence Herkimer who was a former cheerleader in SMU. He invented cheerleading as we know it today. The idea of cheerleading was not accepted at first, which proves the fact that first camps that were organized had only 130 participants. Even though the sole reason for this camps was to gather and bond the cheerleaders making them learn new skills and perfect their cheerleading techniques and steps it took time for the public to recognize what cheerleading was.

maxresdefault (1)

After first camps that were moderately successful, the popularity has struck the NCA and the number of participants increased. The second official camp for cheerleaders had over 350 participants that were able to exchange ideas and learn new tricks from each other, all in a safe controlled environment closely monitored by their supervisors or instructors. These instructors and supervisors were highly trained personnel that had their degree in psychology as well. This was a pre-requirement for the job application as they were in charge of shaping young girls minds along with instructing them with cheerleading program. This kind of pre-requirement is a principle and policy of the NCA to this day where instructors, same as teachers have to be fully prepared in dealing with young adults.

NCA2006-37On the other hand, these camps that welcome all who are into cheerleading to exchange ideas and skills, are not just learning grounds for young girls in NCA. There is so much more to it even if some may not even realize that. It is a bonding experience that binds all the girls that think the same way, making their beliefs more potent. What NCA believes, judging by their motto and contributions to sports events, is that the energy of cheerleading and boosting one team’s morale this way gives them more chance to win as they say they are all participating in the process of achieving victory.

The Eligibility Level Policy of the NCA.

8644543382_295c25c7c4_cAll the teams have to compete in their USASF level that must be legitimate. Moving to a lower USASF lever still allows a team to participate, provided that they previously competed once in their newly acquired level on more than one USAFS competitions. All These regulations must be followed, as for the NCA will require documentation presentation to expect the eligibility of one’s team. This only occurs when team’s eligibility is questioned by another program. But all the participating teams are aware of this fact, and rarely they do not follow the program and regulations they provide.

All in all working for the NCA is a great experience as it provides great fun and joy as well as upgraded social life. With all the parties and bonding camps that occur mainly during the summer season, cheerleaders of this association are brought together making friends and connections.

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NCA Prestigious Cheerleading

1329116748048913441Lawrece Herkimer called “Herkie” was the founder of cheerleading as for the NCA it all started in 1948. He was the cheerleader at SMU earlier in his life. The whole point of the NCA cheer camps is to bring girls together for learning new skills closely supervised by experienced instructors. The first camp was organized at Sam Houston State University in 1949 with less than 55 girls attending. Popularity struck the camp as the next year the number of attending girls increased to 350. Across SMU there were many camps that were established in the United States along with Tumbling and Cheer Classes led only by the most talented cheerleaders Collegiate in the U.S. IN the year 1961 this company was incorporated.

NCA keeps this tradition of holding camps to learn new skills for teams in a controlled environment. They are also hosting competitions for all-star teams and schools, beginning from Classic Championships low-rank regionals for the school cheerleader of the NCA national and for All-Star cheerleaders, which are two of the country’s most prestigious competitions. The most prominent NCA events consider the nationally televised Daytona Beach College National Championships that occur every April.

NCA NDA 860x320

The official Summer Camp Season.

ec6d2bb7ddbc10b2af8f1f4692ebf460_400x400Because of NCA big success from the last year, both NCAand NDA are proud to present you this year as well their #GoBeGreat campaign. They are challenging campers, instructors, coaches and friends of the association to participate and make the campaign even greater with their presence and fresh ideas.

This spring of 2016 marked Iowa State University Sparkles official debut, thus placing Iowa in the first place on the list of states in the nation that have inclusive cheerleading programs. Their program The Sparkle Effect, which is by the way totally nonprofit and nationwide, has helped students all over U.S. creating more than 160 dance and inclusive cheerleading programs. This lasts to this day and has started early in summer 2009. The Northern University did the first step by joining the movement for inclusion before others with their team in late December of 2013. Iowa’s University did the same thing two years later in spring 2015. All three teams were supported by cheerleaders who took turns on the Sparkle Effect teams while they were attending high school. Iowa state student Mara Mapes told Des Moines Register’s reporter in an interview how she feels about the sparkle effect. She explained how Sparkle Effect is one of the activities that grabs her heart and just holds on to it. She was also interested for the first time in working with people through Sparkles campaign.

theSparkleEffect_pomsintheaircropped_2013-9-25-528x330The Sparkle Effect motto is about everyone cheering to make winning possible so their motives can be understood from their motto that is self-explanatory. Both parents and student reflect on the benefit they grasped from the program. This program, the Sparkle Effect, made possible nationwide social inclusion movements in numerous schools. They hope to improve and continue the ongoing social inclusions, on the court and outside.

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NCA Cheerleading

page0005NCA Cheer stands for the most original and influential world’s cheerleading company. But everyone involved within their story agrees that NCA is far more than just that. There is no spiritual experience compared to the one of belonging to one honest, devoted and strongly bonded team. Especially if the team is dedicated to implementing great values in all its members.

04HERKIMER-OBIT-REFER-master675It’s been a long journey since Lawrence Herkimer, the founder of NCA established this idea till nowadays when his idea grew into institution well-known for its excellence in many ways. Every cheerleader in the world can find a role model in NCA for cheerleading, but also for character guides.

NCA, National Cheerleading Association is the world’s leader in competitions, cheerleading camps and sports and friendly spirit among members.

KHS_Cheer_NCANatChamp_Jan2015There are thousands of dancers and cheerleaders worldwide proud to say they are or they were the part of this prestigious company. Also, many coaches are proud to show their license and certifications approved after some of many courses for cheerleading coaches in NCA.

Though NCA works as a community, spring and summertime are a particularly exciting period in their world. Continuing long lasting tradition, NCA announced their upcoming summer camps during summer 2016.

maxresdefault (1)The officials in NCA promote their summer camps as a unique opportunity to experience a high quality trainings with the best instructors and coaches, develop your skills, technique and creativity and above all – spend memorable summer days in the friendly and inspirational atmosphere.

Like many years before, participants freely choose the type of camp they prefer and the curriculum they would like to go through.

nca_stfYou get to choose between overnight, day, home, resort, youth and NCA championship camps. Each of these camps had its style, target group, program and unique opportunities.

88e6d09979f27caff1f9e257cc9a63c5What extinguishes NCA from any other cheerleading company is their enthusiasm and devotion to their passion for dancing and commitment to instilling respectable values and habits in their members. All programs promote the policy of preparation, dedication, self-sacrifice, passion and teamwork. NCA cheer insists on skills perfection, the idea that nothing beats hard work and preparation, but also that team performance is above individual successes. Promoting a healthy system of values and priorities in life, NCA always put school success before any other field of interest.

When experiencing hard work, fun and friendship in the atmosphere where it’s being insisted on these values, all the members get prepared for performance in sport’s arena, but also get prepared for all upcoming life challenges.

cf5907f98db7c34558f94e69c41e2c50NCA Cheerleading summer camps include training for coaches as well. The company encourages all the coaches out there wanting to improve their skills and get all the material they need for the successful leading of their team during the rest of the year to join NCA summer camps.

All the information about programs, curriculums, staff involved with the coordination of the camps, prices and benefits can be found on the website of National Cheerleading Association. Only a few months are left for applications and this should be your “must do” for summer 2016 if you are one of those passionate about dancing, cheerleading and collective winner spirit.

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