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page0005NCA Cheer stands for the most original and influential world’s cheerleading company. But everyone involved within their story agrees that NCA is far more than just that. There is no spiritual experience compared to the one of belonging to one honest, devoted and strongly bonded team. Especially if the team is dedicated to implementing great values in all its members.

04HERKIMER-OBIT-REFER-master675It’s been a long journey since Lawrence Herkimer, the founder of NCA established this idea till nowadays when his idea grew into institution well-known for its excellence in many ways. Every cheerleader in the world can find a role model in NCA for cheerleading, but also for character guides.

NCA, National Cheerleading Association is the world’s leader in competitions, cheerleading camps and sports and friendly spirit among members.

KHS_Cheer_NCANatChamp_Jan2015There are thousands of dancers and cheerleaders worldwide proud to say they are or they were the part of this prestigious company. Also, many coaches are proud to show their license and certifications approved after some of many courses for cheerleading coaches in NCA.

Though NCA works as a community, spring and summertime are a particularly exciting period in their world. Continuing long lasting tradition, NCA announced their upcoming summer camps during summer 2016.

maxresdefault (1)The officials in NCA promote their summer camps as a unique opportunity to experience a high quality trainings with the best instructors and coaches, develop your skills, technique and creativity and above all – spend memorable summer days in the friendly and inspirational atmosphere.

Like many years before, participants freely choose the type of camp they prefer and the curriculum they would like to go through.

nca_stfYou get to choose between overnight, day, home, resort, youth and NCA championship camps. Each of these camps had its style, target group, program and unique opportunities.

88e6d09979f27caff1f9e257cc9a63c5What extinguishes NCA from any other cheerleading company is their enthusiasm and devotion to their passion for dancing and commitment to instilling respectable values and habits in their members. All programs promote the policy of preparation, dedication, self-sacrifice, passion and teamwork. NCA cheer insists on skills perfection, the idea that nothing beats hard work and preparation, but also that team performance is above individual successes. Promoting a healthy system of values and priorities in life, NCA always put school success before any other field of interest.

When experiencing hard work, fun and friendship in the atmosphere where it’s being insisted on these values, all the members get prepared for performance in sport’s arena, but also get prepared for all upcoming life challenges.

cf5907f98db7c34558f94e69c41e2c50NCA Cheerleading summer camps include training for coaches as well. The company encourages all the coaches out there wanting to improve their skills and get all the material they need for the successful leading of their team during the rest of the year to join NCA summer camps.

All the information about programs, curriculums, staff involved with the coordination of the camps, prices and benefits can be found on the website of National Cheerleading Association. Only a few months are left for applications and this should be your “must do” for summer 2016 if you are one of those passionate about dancing, cheerleading and collective winner spirit.

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