What is NCA all about?

The NCA Cheers or the National Cheerleader Association is the biggest cheerleading organization that focuses on following sports events in schools and universities, and participating in the moral boosting process by cheerleading. It was founded in late 1948 by Lawrence Herkimer who was a former cheerleader in SMU. He invented cheerleading as we know it today. The idea of cheerleading was not accepted at first, which proves the fact that first camps that were organized had only 130 participants. Even though the sole reason for this camps was to gather and bond the cheerleaders making them learn new skills and perfect their cheerleading techniques and steps it took time for the public to recognize what cheerleading was.

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After first camps that were moderately successful, the popularity has struck the NCA and the number of participants increased. The second official camp for cheerleaders had over 350 participants that were able to exchange ideas and learn new tricks from each other, all in a safe controlled environment closely monitored by their supervisors or instructors. These instructors and supervisors were highly trained personnel that had their degree in psychology as well. This was a pre-requirement for the job application as they were in charge of shaping young girls minds along with instructing them with cheerleading program. This kind of pre-requirement is a principle and policy of the NCA to this day where instructors, same as teachers have to be fully prepared in dealing with young adults.

NCA2006-37On the other hand, these camps that welcome all who are into cheerleading to exchange ideas and skills, are not just learning grounds for young girls in NCA. There is so much more to it even if some may not even realize that. It is a bonding experience that binds all the girls that think the same way, making their beliefs more potent. What NCA believes, judging by their motto and contributions to sports events, is that the energy of cheerleading and boosting one team’s morale this way gives them more chance to win as they say they are all participating in the process of achieving victory.

The Eligibility Level Policy of the NCA.

8644543382_295c25c7c4_cAll the teams have to compete in their USASF level that must be legitimate. Moving to a lower USASF lever still allows a team to participate, provided that they previously competed once in their newly acquired level on more than one USAFS competitions. All These regulations must be followed, as for the NCA will require documentation presentation to expect the eligibility of one’s team. This only occurs when team’s eligibility is questioned by another program. But all the participating teams are aware of this fact, and rarely they do not follow the program and regulations they provide.

All in all working for the NCA is a great experience as it provides great fun and joy as well as upgraded social life. With all the parties and bonding camps that occur mainly during the summer season, cheerleaders of this association are brought together making friends and connections.

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